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Privacy Policy

NAIPRA (North American Association of Independent Public Relations Agencies) is an online network for heads of independent pr firms in the US and Canada. Naipra is the only organization for agencies not owned by another company. There are no by-laws, meetings, dues, or anything else associated with other professional organizations.

There are two main purposes for the organization: to promote the value of working with smaller, independent firms as opposed to large, subsidiaries of other agencies; and to connect with one another on a private basis on matters important to our businesses, such as recruitment, new business and day-to-day operations.

Please feel free to use this site in any way you feel will further your own business as well as promote the advantages of public relations independence.
Heads of Independent Public Relations Agencies:
The most senior executive from an independent public relations agency located in North America* should register for membership. Only one individual from any agency will be considered for membership. Register here.    
*NAIPRA members are largely based in the U.S., but there are also members as far away as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China.
Potential Clients:
Please register to gain access to our directory of independent pr firms. Once your identity is verified, we will send you a link to the most current listings. Your request will be held in confidence. Register now.
PR Service Providers:
We do not accept advertising. We will, however, run a notice about your service if it is discounted for our members. The notice will be posted in our Resources section. Please do not send members unsoliticited advertising. E-mail your notice now.
Job seekers:
Please register and send us your resume. List your specialty, and whether you are available full-time, part-time, freelance, or all. Click here.

Fraser P. Seitel, Managing Partner, Emerald Partners, and author of The Practice of Public Relations answers questions of ethics.

Employee motivation and retention is more important now than ever before. George and Arlene Rosenberg of The Rosenberg Group give some suggestions and ideas for motivating your stars.
    PART 2

An free online support feature for job seeking NAIPRA members. Just log on (anonymously if you like), post information about job leads, share advice and news, or just "network" with the pr community throughout the world. The site also welcomes executive recruiters who may be seeking job candidates.