Need Business? Here are 14 questions to help you determine if your "suspect" is a "prospect."
By Laura Link Maggio, APR

Prospective clients like to ask independent consultants to describe what we do. too often we get excited about our services and describing them that we don't get enough real information about the potential client's needs. Here are some questions to help you qualify the business:

  1. How do you publicize your business now?

  2. What portion of your marketing is made up of advertising and PR?

  3. Have you ever been profiled in the media? Interviewed on camera? What were the results?

  4. What are your goals for the next year, three years, five years?

  5. If you had a magic wand what would you change about your business? Why?

  6. Have you wished your publicity efforts would do more? Explain.

  7. What is going well? What needs improvement?

  8. Do you communicate regularly with customers in ways that foster repeat sales and referrals?

  9. Have you taken time recently to define your audiences and your key messages?

  10. Are you sure your marketing literature is relevant to your audiences, reflects your key messages and has a consistent look, feel and style?

  11. Does your sales literature clearly state your product's or service's benefits as well as features?

  12. Are you satisfied with the results of your lead-generation mailings?

  13. Do you respond to inquiries with letters that drive action?

  14. Does your public relations program foster company "champions" who will help sell your products?

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